Summer School and Extracurricular Activities: Learning and Fun.

Discover an Unforgettable Summer: Education, Adventure and Technology

Immerse yourself in a unique summer experience at our summer school, where learning meets adventure and technology. Our extracurricular activities are designed to stimulate the minds and hearts of under-13 students, offering the perfect mix of education and fun. From the magic of drone piloting to the creativity of 3D printing, each activity is designed to enrich young students’ language and technical skills in a stimulating and interactive environment.

Our strategic location, close to the prestigious international research centers of Tor Vergata and Frascati, such as CNR, INAF, INFN, University of Tor Vergata, PTV, ENEA, ESA, ASI, and others, allows the children of students, researchers, and professionals to experience an enriching summer of scientific exploration and technological discovery.

In addition, in preparation for Jubilee 2025, our school is set to become a focal point for welcoming, entertaining and educating children who will visit Rome for the Jubilee pilgrimage. Our activities are designed to ensure that each young pilgrim has an educational and fun experience, making their trip to the Capital an unforgettable memory.

Why choose
Summer school

Innovative Learning:
We integrate cutting-edge technologies in education to make learning more engaging and interactive.
Stimulating Environment:
We offer a safe and nurturing environment where young people can explore new passions and develop valuable skills.
International Focus:
With close proximity to world-renowned research centers, we provide a unique international experience that prepares students to become global citizens.
Participation in Jubilee 2025:
Our school is actively engaged in welcoming young pilgrims, offering educational programs that enrich their Jubilee experience.

For an unforgettable summer of discovery and exploration!

We invite families, students and researchers to discover how our summer school can turn your children’s summer into an educational adventure filled with learning, technology and fun.