Educational Excellence Led by Experts .
Welcome to the vibrant heart of Little Genius International, where our dedicated team brings our vision of innovative and sustainable education to life. Comprising expert educators, pioneers in educational technology, and fervent advocates for environmental sustainability, we are united in our mission to inspire not just academic excellence but also a profound sense of civic and environmental responsibility in our students.


Each staff member contributes their unique expertise and passion for education, ensuring every Little Genius student receives top-quality education in an environment that fosters curiosity, critical thinking, and respect for our planet. Our commitment to the environment aligns with shaping future citizens aware of their social impact and capable of ethical action in society.

We invite you to meet our educational evangelists, who emphasize the importance of ethics, civic education, and digital literacy through our ICE® methodology.
This holistic learning approach underscores the integration of advanced digital skills not just for students but also for teachers, equipping both to navigate and thrive in an increasingly digitalized world.


In our pursuit of educational excellence, we have doubled the hours dedicated to digital skills, collaborating with external partners like Frascati Scienza and to launch interdisciplinary projects that foster computational thinking, programming, and robotics, integrating these skills with mathematics to spark imagination and critical thinking.

Through educational programs covering topics such as circular economy and civic money management, we prepare our students to understand how modern society functions and to be mindful of the implications of their decisions, both personally and globally. We promote the use of specialized apps that allow students to manage real small budgets, turning theoretical lessons into practical and meaningful experiences.

In summary, Little Genius International is more than a school; it’s an incubator for the next generation of ethical, responsible, and digitally savvy leaders. Through innovative and sustainable practices, we are committed to making a difference in the world, preparing students not only to excel academically but also to be active global citizens and guardians of our planet.

Discover more about our vision and programs through our Annual Social and Environmental Impact Report, highlighting our ongoing commitment to a more sustainable and fair future for all.