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Educational Excellence and Technological Innovation at Little Genius International.

Discover Little Genius International, a cutting-edge educational institution dedicated to learning innovation and environmental sustainability. Our team of education experts and technology innovators tirelessly works to offer a state-of-the-art curriculum that meets the needs of digital natives. Offering an educational spectrum for children aged 2 to 11 years, we aim to develop the critical, creative, and free-thinking skills of our students, promoting excellence in English language learning.

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As a leader in the Benefit Corporation sector since 2014, recognized as “Best for the World” by B Lab, Little Genius International adopts sustainable education practices to generate a positive social impact.

Every teacher and staff member brings their unique experience, contributing to an environment that stimulates curiosity, critical thinking, and respect for the environment.


Committed to teaching ethics and civic education, we enrich our educational program with digital literacy to prepare young students to become conscious leaders of the future. Through the use of advanced technologies, we promote the development of digital skills in both students and teachers, ensuring they are prepared to navigate a digitalized world.

With a strong emphasis on sustainable development and civic responsibility, Little Genius International prepares students to be active global citizens. Through the use of educational apps and interdisciplinary projects, students learn the importance of environmental respect, responsible resource management, and the impact of their actions on society.

Visit Little Genius International to discover how we are preparing the next generation to be not only academically excellent but also responsible global citizens and guardians of our planet. Explore our Annual Social and Environmental Impact Report to learn more about our commitment to a brighter and sustainable future.


Welcome to the K12 platform dedicated to Little Genius school parents! We are excited to introduce this innovative tool that facilitates communication and collaboration between school and family.
Here you can find all the important information regarding your child, school events, curriculum updates, and more. Our mission is to create an inclusive and engaging educational environment, and your participation is critical to the success of our students.
We invite you to explore the platform, ask questions and share your ideas. Together, we can make a difference in the educational experience of our little geniuses.



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