Social Impact: Education as a Catalyst for Change

Little Genius International exceeds the goal of merely providing quality education. Our mission is to utilize education to drive positive social change, steering students toward a future of civic, economic, scientific, and environmental advancement. Through detailed reports on social and environmental impacts, we illustrate how innovations in education can effect significant changes within communities and beyond. Our strategy includes integrating advanced technologies and interactive teaching methods to prepare students to become responsible leaders aware of their societal roles. This educational approach aims not only for academic excellence but also for developing essential skills to tackle global challenges, fostering a culture of continuous learning and environmental respect. Our method, unique and patented, takers education in the real world, presenting reality as a conundrum to decode with complex and critical reasoning. In Our learning pattern Reality is augmented with tech tools and dissected.

A positive
in society

It’s a new way of learning, closely connected to Augmented Reality, enhancing learning with a mix of technologies and varied content. An example? Instead of focusing on memorization, everything is played on experiences, given by the interaction between context and technologies, improving learning by leveraging the student’s social and environmental experience. It is a new way of learning, intimately connected to Augmented Reality and the concreteness of the environment in which the student progresses, which superimposes information based on the student’s sensory inputs. This results in a surprising mix of technologies and diversified contents (text, images, video, audio) in the name of interactivity, which is accompanied by the presence of teachers within the school.

How to prepare digital natives for changes?

For a few years now we have begun to have the feeling that certain things will not happen in a future that is too distant from us, and it is essential not to be caught unprepared: how can we best prepare the young generations to face the changes that will come ? Today we have the whole world just a click away, yet the ghost of functional illiteracy is always around the corner, and the numbers speak clearly: in Italy 70% of the population (and these are not random numbers) reads, listens but without understanding or delve deeper. Our educational method and twenty-year results make us the only school to be able to promote hard and soft skills, eradicating any form of functional illiteracy at the base.


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