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Little Genius International is pleased to announce that, as Benefit Corporation, it has been subject of a scrupulous and complex assessment system that uses the so-called GIIRS Rating parameters. These represent high standards, are, in fact, extremely rigorous, complete and are used by companies that have a social and environmental impact.

Among others, the activities carried out, internal regulations and company objectives are taken into consideration.

In the evaluation scale, Little Genius International has reached the most coveted level, Platinum, winning five stars for the general assessment. This is a result of global importance that highlights how Little Genius International is committed to providing education to students residing in the surrounding areas, supporting the communities themselves through multiple channels.

The reasons for this prestige are the excellent ability to recognize economic models aimed at solving social and environmental issues, in guaranteeing to its users, whether customers or employees, benefits at many levels and being the custodian of a management and of an innovative modus operandi.

The Report highlights that Little Genius International, in areas of greatest impact such as management, employees, communities and the environment, is positioned above average.

Regarding the educational mission of Little Genius International, the ethical principles that regulate it and the transparency on the work plan have been evaluated.

As far as its employees are concerned, the relationship between the company and the well-being of the worker, training, safety and flexibility was significant.

The commitment on the social front in terms of commitment and impact that the same exercises, job creation, to establish solid relationships with our supplier partners, with associations committed to help those who present specific problems.

The environmental framework within which Little Genius International operates is an important factor as it is fundamental for the company to produce renewable energy, limit waste, preserve the environment that surrounds the structure and educate future generations about environmental issues .

Last but not least, Little Genius International evaluates the companies whose services are designated to a specific social problem and the impact they exert and the consequent fruition of the communities.

This prestigious evaluation has allowed Little Genius International to become part of a restricted circle of companies worldwide with the certified civil qualities according to common sustainability and innovation standards, among others, compliant with Italian law since January 2016.

GIIRS REPORT Little Genius