Our list prices are, on average, 40% lower than schools with high quality standards *** (equipment, fablab, bioarchitecture, languages, etc.), however, not comparable and, on average, 15% higher than normal non-international private schools (in some cases even lower).

In order to obtain the complete list, visit the highly innovative structure in Frascati, and to ask for customized discounts (from -5% to -20% for law enforcement officers, researchers and armed forces, as well as scholarships for academic merits) we invite you to book an appointment with the office by calling 0697245148 or 069409707


1) Price list 7900 € year;
2) Fee with discounted institutions and companies € 7110 year;
3) Fee with scholarship ** for academic merits = € 540 per month (€ 5400 / year) – Line with personal discount Research Institutions or Law Enforcement / Armies = € 639 per month (€ 6390 / year)


1) Price list 10390 € for attendance until 16.00;
2) Fee with discounted institutions and companies: € 9351 year = € 935 per month
3) Fee with scholarship * for academic merits: € 789 per month = (€ 7890 / year); personal discount for Research Institutions or Police / Armed Forces: € 879 per month = (€ 8790 / year)

**Applications for scholarships must be submitted strictly no later than October 31st of the year preceding the start date. For example, for enrollments for the school year starting in September, the application must be submitted by filling in the appropriate online form (request access to 0697245148) no later than October 31st. Applications received after that date can not be evaluated in order not to prejudice the availability of grants for those who have met these deadlines.

The School does not provide borse for income reasons, but offers only scholarships for merits and scholastic performances. The School, in compliance with the articles 3 and 34 of the Italian Constitution, of its Statute of Benefit Company, in order to ensure the widest enjoyment of the right to study, annually decides the allocation of a portion of corporate profits in order to enhance and support the scholastic profit of deserving students and capable of offering financial support to their families. The number and the amount of the scholarships:

– are annually determined and based on student results and financial availability (based on the latest available deposited balance)

– are communicated by June 30th of each year through special rankings – on site and on the service www.littlegenius.cloud

The ranking is drawn up adopting the following criteria in a special algorithm to guarantee correctness and management transparency:

– average academic grades
– discipline
– school attendance
– family conditions

Discounts can not be guaranteed outside the list or the accumulation of discounts and scholarships.

*** Our school adopts exclusively innovative teaching methods ICE-Methodology® (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=irliMAJyyQI), conceived and monitored by an Academic Board made up of industry experts and researchers. The fees shown on this website are merely an example, an index of the variety of discounts applicable to those entitled to rights (military, researchers, affiliated institutions, etc.), the complete price list can be requested at the time. The methods of examination and detection of the quality of academic results are annually certified by third-party bodies such as the British Council through CAMBRIDGE examinations of which the school is officially “examination center”, INVALSI (the only international school in Italy to carry out such surveys) and MIUR be certified as a Benefit corporation in Italy and USA. The school is a center for training internships for Italian and foreign education faculties of education.