little genius

Little Genius International welcomes the collaboration of parents, trying to follow the growth of children with them. This collaboration is the most important and central part of the school’s activities, as it exploits the knowledge and understanding that teachers and especially parents have of all the children they care about.

Little Genius Committee for Knowledge and Academic Excellence

Little Genius has established a Little Genius Committee for Knowledge and Academic Excellence that also involves parents as part of this partnership in order to influence and develop the school curriculum while respecting the requirements of the ICE® methodology. Thus, parents with special skills and knowledge who are willing to share them with the school in order to broaden their perspectives on how to deal with certain issues, are invited to take part in this committee by collaborating with external staff to transmit the same objectives.

Class representatives

Each class at Little Genius International will have a parent – a representative who will meet at regular intervals with the management and staff of teachers in order to obtain updates on the quality of services rendered and their normal performance.