Little Genius International® obtained in 2014 the certification as Benefit Corporation, the sixth in Italy to obtain it and the one that achieved the highest score to date

For those who do not know what this means, a small explanation is a must. A Benefit Corporation (or B Corp) is a company that excels in its environmental and social results, and maintains a relationship of fairness and transparency with all its stakeholders, whether they are customers, suppliers or collaborators. In short, having reached the standards of certification at an international level, as already done by Little Genius, all the actors, main and secondary, who have to do with the company achieve the maximum satisfaction possible for the kind of relationship that binds them to the society itself. Quality and transparency remain as always our prerogative, but with great attention also to the ethical aspects of relationships with customers, suppliers and collaborators, and with great attention to the environment and to all those actions of social commitment that since the early years of our activities we have undertaken with commitment and effectiveness. Last but not least is the propensity to donate a high percentage of revenue to charity and the re-entry of profits into the customer circuit through scholarships and cost reduction. A company that focuses primarily on widespread prosperity, on the satisfaction of sustainability criteria and not on mere profit. Also in this the Little Genius International managed to create value in the future, thanks to all the stakeholders involved, from customers and employees, to collaborators and suppliers (90% within a range of 2-300km).

Obviously the achievement of the certification is not only a goal achieved and to be maintained with the annual audits but above all a road to be continued to achieve higher and higher results in the services that the school provides in its contribution to the progress and wellbeing of the company.