The woman is fixated towards obtaining the love of athlete because they are truly the only “real” part of their life

The woman is fixated towards obtaining the love of athlete because they are truly the only “real” part of their life

Despite Monika’s hopeful ideas on Literary works Club, it gets increasingly obvious you to definitely this woman is indeed unfortunate and you will lonely, as a result of knowing one to escort service in oxnard the girl entire world is simply a representation; a simulation where she cannot actually get to what is believed “happiness” (i.age. which have their channel completed). Monika’s strategies also are passionate because of the the lady desire to escape the brand new torture she suffers of course, if some one quits the online game, because the whenever that happens Monika try swept up in the a beneficial hellish void from noise, lighting, tone, and you can shouts, incapable of move otherwise consider. This is said during the Monika’s Speak in Work step three.

She will state that part of the reputation does not exists, which she simply wants the player on their own

Shortly after removing Yuri and you will Natsuki’s documents, Work step 3 will come, where she produces a world for her and athlete, she will explain this lady reasons on this lady like towards the member. She’s going to also describe exactly how she amplified Sayori’s and you can Yuri’s undesired qualities (e.g. Sayori’s despair and Yuri’s obsessiveness) to ensure they are less likely to want to acknowledge their like to the protagonist. Monika often open brand new poem minigame once more, but simply distorted terminology off Monika’s name arrive, and only Monika’s sticker sprite is present, which have a loud atmosphere to play from the record. The backdrop became red with bugs, distinct from the initial table record from inside the mini-online game. Immediately after giving the poem in order to Monika, she will believe that the player wrote the fresh new poem especially for the girl, and you may she calls the gamer sweet.

So far regarding the game, the ball player should be able to comprehend Monika’s Cam where she discussions right to the player (albeit from inside the a fairly nihilistic trends), instead of the protagonist. It is revealed one little regarding Monika’s visible generosity and you will politeness try an operate, and she has the benefit of the player certain truly advice out of day to day.

Monika upcoming restores the online game, proclaiming that if the she likes the gamer, she’ll restore what they might have wished

If your player then chooses to remove Monika’s document, she’s going to quickly go away completely, and search for her document during the an anxiety disorder. Whenever she learns the ball player deleted her, she will getting angry in the member and you may inform them one it “entirely, really generate myself ill.” Shortly after a small stop, Monika informs the gamer you to definitely she however enjoys him or her. She’s going to after that have the weight away from the lady tips, comprehend the fresh new terrible one thing this lady has completed to others people, and you may state that even if she knew these were maybe not real, she still noticed her or him as the girl family members. Monika will be absent for the remainder of the video game, before the latest part of the normal end.

In case your regular conclude was achieved, Sayori becomes notice-alert, and you will bugs the video game back once again to the bedroom Monika stayed in on the Work step three for just a portion of the profile and you will herself. Monika will erase Sayori, stating “No. I won’t allow you to hurt him.” Monika says that there surely is zero pleasure throughout the Books Bar, after which deletes the whole video game. New song “Your Facts” will have since the credit move, which is inferred getting the new tune Monika authored into the athlete. The brand new game’s CGs would-be erased during the credit, and you can a beneficial bittersweet page out of Monika could well be found, thanking the player to possess signing up for new Literature Bar. The video game often now end up being rendered unplayable until it is re also-strung or perhaps the “firstrun” document try deleted.

In the event the good ending are hit, Sayori have a tendency to give thanks to the ball player to have spending time with each of girls. Monika will still remove the overall game, but the CG’s will never be removed, and you can a page out-of Dan Salvato thanking the ball player for to try out his game will show alternatively.