E4/E5: electrical engineering experiments, programming Arduino kits, creating 3D models

The students of E4 and E5 have made important steps towards completion…

Personal Arduino kits for E5 students

Hi everybody! Remember the surprise for E5 we posted on Wednesday? Well,…

Poetry Event - 26th Feb

Poetry Event è l'evento Little Genius dedicato alla poesia! Venerdì…

E5 - Learning Chinese

Since September 2019, Little Genius International has introduced…

Elementary - The political classroom

Researchers Diana Hess and Paula McAvoy in their book, The Political…

BiciScuola E2 vince!

Biciscuola è il progetto educativo del Giro d’Italia che…

SPELLING BEE @ Little Genius International!

Dear parents of Little Genius International Elementary classes, don't…
the American legal system

TRIAL BY JURY - the American legal system

Elementary 5, having already discussed the different interpretations…