Rika has actually much time, light indigo locks within the an excellent hime cut given that fitted the lady image since a beneficial miko

Rika has actually much time, light indigo locks within the an excellent hime cut given that fitted the lady image since a beneficial miko

Their attention is actually a little droopy which have amethyst red-colored irides. The woman is petite, getting some shorter than simply Satoko. On university days, Rika wears a light short-sleeved clothing that have a red ribbon, a good navy-blue skirt, navy suspenders, light clothes and red or brownish Mary Jane footwear. On the totally free weeks, she wears a green sundress, that have a light bend right in front and you will white shoes. In the Watanagashi Festival, she wears a timeless miko consistent, complete with an ornate hoe topped which have tassels.

Rika’s locks color is light indigo, however with a purplish color making it search a solid reddish. Regarding the 3rd season of your cartoon, Rika’s irides assume a bright glaring-purple build when she assumes the lady adult persona within the high affairs. In the course of writing, she matriculates toward St. Lucia Academy for the 1988. She’s got sex tall and you will retains this lady hime hair style. As for the lady guarantee exactly how she’ll write, very to type, as the discussed below, After they C ry Wiki have a tendency to simply remember that Hanyu-chan is actually correct.

Identity and Mannerisms

Rika usually seems smart beyond her decades. Once the localmilfselfies an incredibly child during Himatsubushi-hen (that is place in Summer 1978), she predicted her own passing in oru. Childish Rika will cam playing with “cute” phrases; including sound-effects and you can rubbish terms and conditions such “nipaa,”mii,” cat music and you can stating “pachi pachi” (clap clap) whenever you are clapping their hands, which drives the latest sweet-enjoying Ryugu Rena wild. To increase the lady “cute” and female fashion, Rika relates to by herself on the pronoun “boku,” and therefore, even if essentially utilized by people, is known as most sexy when employed by more youthful Japanese girls. She cannot address you aren’t honorifics. In Japanese culture, this would be sensed very impolite plus often degrading, however, as the Furude miko, not one person seems to mind much. On English interpretation of the manga she address contact information folk, no matter age otherwise intercourse, because the “sir,” will finish this lady phrases with it. She keeps ingesting wines and you can restaurants spicy items, so you can Hanyu’s displeasure.

Real Identification/Adult Sound

When discussing her True Identity, Rika’s cuteness vanishes, and she converts cynical,apathetic and much more adult. She switches pronouns out-of “boku” so you’re able to “watashi” and her voice falls to help you a xxx female’s. That is clear regarding the comic strip where in actuality the exact same voice celebrity changes regarding a great child’s so you can an enthusiastic adult’s sound. In the Sound Novel and you may manga, she spends earlier code hence other letters sporadically notice. As this is the newest image and you will sound Rika spends whenever considering so you’re able to by herself, narrating incidents, and in case talking with Hanyu, it may be assumed it’s her real character, hence she enjoys less than wraps to eliminate scaring this lady nearest and dearest. Eg, from inside the Matsuribayashi-hen when she talks about that have Hanyu the lady choice when planning on taking a keen energetic region globally, Rika shows that possibly she’s seeing Hanyu’s correct function. This lady has which discussion inside her adult sound. Rika’s next reputation song, S.An effective.Grams.A good.

, try sung nearly totally with her Real Identity. So it character is additionally blunt and you will from time to time rude to the people also grownups.

The 1st time the girl Genuine Character is revealed is during Himatsubushi-hen whenever she warns Akasaka to go back so you can his wife and you may save yourself her out-of dying. It appears that along side hundreds of planets this lady has already been as a result of, Rika’s True Identification was naturally quite distorted and sly, because she appears to get certain pleasure out-of taunting some one, including Akasaka, realizing that she cannot has. You are able she has getting jaded on the futility of their situation. It will look obvious if she feels she actually is during the a world that can just lead to tragedy, she offers up seeking to assist emails and you can influence events. Hence inside the Minagoroshi-hen, she expresses tall monotony and outrage doing a game contest she has starred away innumerable minutes until Keiichi does something you should transform it. Frustrated with this lady failure to evolve the greatest destiny of world into the Watadamashi-hen, she castigates Keiichi inside her Adult Sound. Likewise, for the Saikoroshi-hen, she confesses to help you by herself you to she got alienated herself out of the woman mothers as the she way back threw in the towel looking to conserve her or him. Rika accustomed overcome the girl fate having much deeper passion, but through the years, she turned psychologically worn out and in the end retired in order to the woman fate. As a result, she appears to have almost no need for anything, just like the she’s got undergone everything you many times currently (save getting Sonozaki Mion’s unique pub factors, hence seem to be one of their couples delights in daily life), and you will she embraces any sort of alter, a beneficial or bad.