Negan is first-seen on Stacks, becoming chained so you’re able to a screen

Negan is first-seen on Stacks, becoming chained so you’re able to a screen

He questions Jadis what’s going on just like the she drags him aside. Jadis prepares a fire at the side of Negan, trying to shed Lucille entirely view of Negan so you’re able to psychologically damage him. The guy says to the woman they can smell what happened here and he does not toss info such as for example some body out. Negan apologizes on the massacre and insists that he was not in charge. Jadis slices him out-of from the crashing Lucille down seriously to in the an inch regarding his deal with.

Jadis rushes over to shed the brand new bat

Jadis’ view beeps. She will leave Negan by yourself if you will and you may yields having a great walker tied to a good cart. Negan fires in the the girl which have a weapon the guy managed to make it hold of, and you may threatens burning a pile off sentimental photographs which have a great flare he used in the girl purse. Jadis is provided of their defense and you may sales Negan to go away brand new images by yourself. Negan issues the girl which is exactly how she kills individuals sluggish which have Winslow, but Jadis tells your individuals are tips.

Jadis pleads Negan not to shed the woman photographs. Negan explains you to definitely Lucille is all they have remaining from his girlfriend, who he named the bat once. Jadis’ check out beeps once again. She rams new walker to your Negan and you may wrestles this new flare aside. To the woman dise try snuffed. A helicopter looks above. She attempts to hail it so you’re able to no avail. Negan pleads the woman never to and he offers to “accept they.” Jadis falls the flare and they’re each other sorely alleviated. The guy vows to repay anything toward culprit of massacre.

Negan try outfitted and able to get off the brand new Hemorrhoids. He would like to understand what simply happened right here. This woman is hushed, even when. He invites the woman that have him to become listed on the Saviors, but she rejects it. “I shall move right back of the a little while,” Negan says to the girl. “You never know, perhaps you can easily desire to express.” Negan try shown driving themselves back to the fresh Sanctuary, when he comes across someone on the road and you will commands her or him on the automobile. They arrive at the Haven, where D.J. and Saviors welcome him or her. D.J. says to him which he know the guy was not dry that Negan feedback which he knows following informs D.J., to save their arrival a secret as he wishes they so you’re able to feel a surprise for all otherwise.


Negan shocks Dwight throughout the Refuge courtyard. The guy interrogates Dwight as to why they did not seek out your while he is attacked from the Rick. Dwight insists the guy merely prevented looking your into Simon’s orders and you may explains you to Simon noticed him dry. He reminds Negan regarding the his support on the Saviors.

Negan matches Simon along with his most other lieutenants. Simon requires Negan in order to forgive him having their measures against the Hilltop. Negan reminds Simon of the time it got brand new Retreat while the well while the Simon’s tips against Oceanside. Negan instructions Simon to their knee joints, but saves his lives. Negan contours a propose to surround Hilltop and you will massacre anybody who attempts to log off. He brings Dwight aside and you can commends him to own creating whichever they requires to keep real time.

Negan later on appears in the courtyard where Simon, Gary, Dwight and Gregory is. The guy whistles in reaction and emerges out-of their hiding set. The guy commands his invisible people to help you kill the conspirators, as well as Gary. Negan informs Simon one to Dwight had informed him off his entire patch to help you kill your. Negan angrily reprimands Simon of going against their instructions because of the wiping out of the Scavengers, reminding your which he and additionally resulted in the brand new massacre of all new people of your own Oceanside community, something that Negan necessary to keep in see. Negan even offers Simon a way to fight your hands-to-give.