summer school

L’esperienza della Summer School nelle parole di una mamma

Vi riproponiamo la lettera di una mamma, giuntaci la scorsa estate, che ci ringraziava per la bellissima esperienza con la nostra Summer School!

Dear Principal, 
I can’t tell you how grateful we are for allowing F. and G. (but especially F.) the opportunity to attend Little genius.
F. and G. are very thrilled about all the activities they have done especially the English lessons and the laboratories (workshops).
They are always saying: “Mom, we did an English lesson but you don’t have to imagine anything boring!
We have learned so much!”.
They want to keep their notebooks to complete them the next time they go to their beloved Little Genius.
I didn’t have any doubts but F. is particularly surprised by the degree of autonomy that teachers allowed him.
He said to me “at Little Genius, I just feel like everybody else” and this is very important for us.It is difficult to find a school, especially a summer school, without architectural bounderies: this is the first time F. has been able to attend one.
Thank you for your summer school: it was a beautiful and interesting experience! I hope my children will be able to attend your summer school also in the future.Best regards

Sono aperte fin da ora le iscrizioni alla SUMMER SCHOOL 2019.