How To Be A Part Of Your Child’s Bilingual Education

Fostering bilingualism in your child at a young age comes with a host of benefits. Aside from giving your little one an academic edge over their peers, immersing in bilingual education also increases their awareness and understanding of other cultures.

As a parent, you’d want to play an active role in your child’s linguistic education and ensure that they start learning a second language early on. This is because children’s language acquisition skills peak around the 1st grade age when their brains are still developing. Their level of perception and curiosity helps them to pick up a new language quickly.

With that, it’s best to practice speaking with your child at home and kickstart their bilingual journey.

How can you make language learning a family activity?

1. Include the second language in reading habits

2. Expose the family to music in the second language 

3. Ask your child to be your teacher

How to be part of your child’s bilingual education