Do you need a helping hand to support the Little Genius fee? Do not give up on a high quality education for your children!

From today, thanks to the agreement between BCC Credito Consumo, a company operating through the Crediper brand and subject to management and coordination by Iccrea Banca SpA, and Little Genius International®, you have at your disposal the first financial product dedicated to education, a small revolution in the consumer credit sector. Crediper Prestito Online is dedicated to all families who will ask for it to cover the school expenses of their children at Little Genius that, from its part, will intervene by breaking down passive taxes by rendering them zero via a special discount up to a maximum of 9.99%.

This product may be requested directly online, soon also through the School website; the amount requested can range from 1,500€ to 30,000 €, with the duration of the credit being between 12 to 84 months.