Little Genius International is an international school recognized by the following institutions:

MIUR – Regional Scholastic Office for Lazio – General Management – Office II to operate as a Foreign School in Italy
From the University of Cambridge under the Cambridge International Education (CIE) program as the Cambridge International School (CIS) IT951 school code
As a recognized school in Italy each year it subjects the entire elementary cycle to “fitness exams” at State schools or Parishes, as well as performing the INVALSI tests (the only international school in Italy) every two years with the mechanical code RM1E00000X – Little Genius International (not sure about it, se necessario rimuovere, please)


The international schools were originally set up as institutions for the children of the expatriates, but, over the years, these have been reached by pupils of the local population, whose parents were and are eager to let learn a new language to their children, to make them benefit from a “International education” and all its unique qualities, or simply for the occurrence of a new phenomenon, a certain dissatisfaction with the quality of the national educational offer and the desire to promote a global vision that is not linked to a particular culture or educational system.