Little Genius International designs its programs in order to stimulate the curiosity and wonder of its students, and prepare them for the future. LGI is not in line with the idea of an educational establishment which educates through “certainty”, instead it promotes teaching with the application of doubt and questioning, thereby encouraging multiple realities aligning educational systems to advances in human existence. Specifically, any establishment wanting to implement such a methodology must include the following organization and obligatory considerations which allow children and adults to learn and teach through dialogue and questioning. Our education aims to create a truly open person who is not governed by purely conventional beliefs and therefore a person who is educated towards having a notable level of openness and independence of mind. In order to do this, we stimulate students with critical thought stimulating subjects such as:

– ICE: “ICE® studies” (Infinite Child Evolution) is a subject that takes its name from our methodology and aims to introduce and examine the world we live in, its mechanisms and its future. The main components are the so called 3 (B), including business, benefit and being grown up, through these 3 elements, students are taught how to manage their time, their resources, and the scarcity of these, showing them how the world works from Micro to Macro, from their family to the world of financial systems, from technological developments to future innovations. This subject will lead students to develop the sense of the world they live in and the methods to participate and manage it.

– Ethics: Teaching the children to do the right thing, that cunning does not make them better, that we are all responsible for our actions and that being responsible is a wonderful thing that must be cultivated. Little Genius International has chosen to teach this “subject” because it believes it is the basis of behavioral learning.

– Chinese language: Teaching CHINESE LANGUAGE during the school day to classes Nursery 4 to Elementary 5, will formally expose our students to their third language from the age of 5.

– Science: Through the introduction of the sciences, Little Genius International wants to enrich the knowledge of your children about the reality of things and to know the reasons behind certain phenomena. Obviously when we talk about science we can not always talk about absolute and undisputed truths, but on the contrary, we are talking about verifying or questioning hypotheses and theories in the light of new information. And that’s what we do at LGI (in line with the ICE © methodology), instilling in our students a sense of active participation through the formulation of hypotheses and their discussion. Frascati has become the European capital of science and, as a result, Little Genius International can make use of collaborations such as:
• CNR-National Research Center
• ESA / ESRIN – European Space Agency
• National Institute of Nuclear Physics
• University of Tor Vergata

– Music: Little Genius offers your children a series of musical experiences that will help them to develop listening skills, deriving from the daily sound reality: animals / objects / people, and that of a specific musical instrument. Children learn how to develop melodic and rhythmic skills using musical instruments in the reproduction of recorded melodies. They will also be involved in the practice of instruments – we have numerous musical instruments (classical acoustic guitars, electric guitars, bass, violin, drums, etc.) to be used during private lessons and in the rock band course. We emphasize a lot the improvised / creative aspect, pushing the children to reproduce simple melodies.

– Sports: Conscious of the fact that children acquire cognitive skills more effectively in an environment that involves both the body and the mind, allowing a growing ability to listen, logics, communication skills and self-esteem, as well as developing neurological pathways and preparation reading, the Little Genius understands how much exercise is important for the development of the child. For this reason, we offer numerous motor activities that improve the educational experience of our students such as psychomotricity, gymnastics, tennis, basketball, athletics…