LGI is aware that the child’s learning and development processes are continuous and never ending. That’s the reason why it created the ICE methodology, that aims to transform the techniques of contemporary education to improve the way children learn because we believe that students learn better and have greater motivation when they are offered a wide and varied choice of teaching techniques.

Public schools and traditional methodologies continue to support strategies that do not consider the multiplicity of languages, the use of innovative teaching materials, the presence of effective control, and the training of personnel. In other words, old educational methods and educational content seem to be limiting because they are not able to respond to the needs and educational needs of digital natives.

For this reason, we have chosen to adopt a learning technique that may change the timing and position of the conventional learning process through which students can gain a greater understanding of a topic while stimulating discovery and learning: the augmented learning, a way of learning that can draw attention and increase students’ interest on topics that they would not find in the conventional classroom lesson. Extra data such as funny facts, visual models or historical event data could provide a broader understanding of the topics covered.

Our hybrid classrooms encourage them to pursue their own paths and reach their own conclusions. In addition to being the subject of careful and continuous analysis on global trends according to logical and consequential directives, the ICE methodology proposes to design and implement cutting-edge learning strategies, which aim to fill the gaps in learning processes so far unbridgeable and are adaptable according to geographical and cultural variables.

To encourage the exploitation of cognitive potential, strictly dependent on the educational path of our students, we use resources: